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Kimble Photography Review

Reviews are not always what they seem …

After 5 years of doing what we love and providing beautiful photography as well as stellar customer service, we were shocked to find a couple of bad Kimble Photography Reviews posted on various sites around the web. We have only received positive reviews for Kimble Photography from clients over the past 5 years and have worked to resolve the very few issues we’ve had with our clients to a favorable outcome. We have never changed our phone number, ignored client communication, or failed to provide services, images, or products to a client after they’ve paid for them. So something seemed fishy. Upon further inspection, we found the source of these FALSE reviews.

Unfortunately, there are people that do practice bad business. WE ARE NOT THOSE PEOPLE. However, we made the mistake of doing contract work for someone that we did not know or find out enough background information on. In September 2014, Marvin was contacted by a wedding vendor in Las Vegas to photograph two separate weddings. No contract was provided before the services were rendered. In retrospect, this was a terrible oversight. Marvin tried to meet in person with the vendor while he was in Las Vegas multiple times. This person was always unavailable.

After finishing the first wedding, the vendor told Marvin that they would settle up following the second wedding. Once Marvin finished the second wedding and had all of the photos ready for file transfer, he requested payment from the vendor. A contract was sent and Marvin signed it with future contract jobs in mind. The money was never sent. Marvin did not accept anymore contract work from the vendor and did an extensive [...]

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The Offel Family {Orange County Family Beach Portraits}

This family was a delight to work with! They were all in love with that squishy baby girl and she was definitely the center of the photo shoot! Shooting extended families is always such a joy. We become acquainted with all types of families and it is so wonderful to learn the history and personality of each one!

— Janni
Offel001 Offel020 Offel030 Offel034 Offel057 Offel068 Offel124 Offel143

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The Garner Family {San Clemente Pier}

Oh my goodness! We love this family! We were thrilled to do their family portraits for the fourth year in a row. Last year, Marvin pretended to be Iron Man to elicit a smile from the little man. He even brought an arc reactor! This year, no faux super heroes were needed. Everyone was all smiles and super cooperative. In fact, the sweetness of these siblings was just too darling!

We love using a variety of locations for portraiture. My favorite lately is the San Clemente Pier. It’s structure and color make it an awesome backdrop because it adds depth to the portrait. The pocketsĀ of light shining through the pier supports really let the subject shine. I even love the larger rocks on the beach and the texture they give each image!

— Janni

Garner002 2014Garner005 2014

Garner 2014 017 Garner044 2014 Garner032 2014

Garner024 2014 no logo


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