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The Nielson Family {Laguna Beach Family Portraits}

We go WAY back with this wonderful family! It was a blast working with all them just after last Christmas when they were all together. These people have the cutest smiles around. I heard the aunties were amazing at eliciting giggles from behind the camera. I kinda wish I was there to see it all happen. I can only imagine the fun and chaos!

— Janni

Nielson003 Nielson014 Nielson107 Nielson113_15x13 Nielson116 Nielson132Nielson026_8x10 Nielson040 Nielson055 Nielson069 Nielson125 Nielson136

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Business Head Shots {Dana Point Photographer}

As a business professional in today’s market it is vital for your head shot to reflect your personality, profession, and attitude. Most Southern Californians want to portray a more relaxed, friendly, and professional image that fits into our culture and lifestyle. Plain, boring backgrounds are old news. Outdoor settings with sprawling coastal views and gorgeous earthy tones can help accentuate your personality, make you more approachable, and drive clients your way.

This beautiful friend of ours asked us to do her head shots recently for her new company, Modern Wellness Mom. There is nothing plain and boring about her! Her new business will focus on training others on how to use essential oils to promote health and wellness in children.

JenniferGarner006 JenniferGarner021

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Playing Catch up {Orange County Family Portrait Photography}

Man, I’m so behind on my blog posting! I guess that’s what three kids and a small business will do to you! I decided just to post a few of my favorites from our recent Fall Portrait Special sessions from just before the holidays … ENJOY!

— Janni


Sadeghi030 Anderson142 2015Rotz046b Kobielsky021 Grayden029 2015Bartholomew028 2015 Johnson 045 Gill001 2015 Garner 042 Gill057

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