Guide for Engagements

Guide for Engagements What to Wear for your Photo Shoot

Our what to wear guide for engagements will help you find some peace amidst the chaos of getting hitched. Here are a few tips we have learned throughout the years.

Let your Personality Shine!

Your engagement is a symbol of your love, your quirks, and your appreciation of each other. Let your personalities shine in what you wear. If you’re more relaxed and casual then don’t over dress and keep it comfortable. If you want a little glitz and glam, dress it up! As photographers in Orange County we have photographed countless couples and the main thing we suggest is to just be yourself. Let your personality and love shine, it will do amazing things for your engagement session.

Guide for Engagements: Keep it Authentic and Real

The moments you come together and the gentle touches in between can’t be choreographed. Great photographers can elicit those moments; you can help them out by being yourselves and simply enjoying each other.

What to Wear: Simple is better

Remember, simple is better. Your engagement session is your chance to show the world your love for each other. We recommend only a few and small props (if any at all), using the natural elements and backdrops to enhance the beautiful feeling you have for each other, and focusing on the reason you are having the photo shoot in the first place – each other!

What to Wear if you’re a Color Lover

If you love color then make sure the colors you wear will compliment each other. Think in terms of the announcement. If you’re wearing hot pink gown and he’s wearing a green shirt with tan shorts, you may need to seek help from a friend and you may even have the fashion police on your tail. Remember that your engagement is two people coming together as one, pick your colors with that in mind.

You Got this, Now Own it

Engagement photo shoots are your chance to show your friends and family your partner – own your look. Dress to complement one another. While this isn’t Americas Next Top Model, it is a chance to show each other off. Own the look and your confidence will shine in your photos.

Good photographers can help you get comfortable with icebreaker activities to help you relax and put your best smile forward. If things aren’t going the way you think, take a break to compose yourself and bring it all together. This is your moment to shine for your family. Don’t ruin your opportunity to be yourself by over thinking it.

                    Do                                                   Don’t

Do get your hair and makeup done by a professional

Do consult a friend with great fashion sense

Do be yourself

Do press your clothes

Do wear complementing colors

Wear anything that isn’t you

Wear big logos or superhero

Wear wrinkled clothing

Get sunburned before your shoot

Over think it, you’re beautiful just the way you are